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17 April 2009 @ 09:45 am
Welcome to the 2009 Padalecki Birthday Project!

As you’ve probably remembered last 2007, we’ve teamed up with
Joya for the Padalecki Project 2007 and gave a scrapbook and fan DVD greetings to our boy Jared for his 25th birthday. Jared was very pleased with it and we hope to come up with another gift for 2009.

This year, we decided to do a photobook (example -
Clark: Store: Photobooks) and donate to A Dog’s Life Rescue in Jared’s name.

How will it work?


The Photo Book will include our favorite photos of him and of course our pictures, too. If you want to join this year’s project, please follow these simple steps:
1. Please send us your favorite Jared picture and/or a picture of yourself **:
a.) The photos should be no less than 1600x1200 in pixel size (if emailed). (To check what is the pixel size. Once uploaded, right click the picture and check the dimensions.) This is set to print a good 4”x6” photo.
b.) You may either email it to: shnicky101@gmail.com. (Subject: Jpad Birthday Project – Photo Book). I’ll be replying once I’ve received your contribution. If you had emailed and received no confirmation, please post it here.
c.) If you want to send your photos via mail. 
Send it to:      
Mary Gay Hombre
 #4 Sydney St. Phase 1D
Vista Verde North Executive Village
Novaliches Quezon City
1420 Philippines
d.) Deadline for sending photos will be on June 21, 2009.
e.) Please make sure that the photos that you’ve attached/sent are appropriate. No nudity please. We will be rejecting pictures that we think are inappropriate.
f.) If you also have Jared art to contribute. You may also send them provided that the same pixel
size is followed.
**If you have con pictures with the boys, you may also send them.


As we all know, Jared had been endorsing A Dog’s Life Rescue Foundation to help save lives of abandoned, abused, or neglected dogs and other animals, by providing shelter, care, and medical attention to homeless animals through adoption, adoption events, and community outreach.

If you want to know more about the foundation, you may visit their site at A Dog's Life Rescue.

Here are the options to donate.
1. PAY PAL – you may send the donations to
2. CHECK or MONEY ORDER – send it to:

Natasha Lopez
435 Community Lane Apt 16
Woodland, CA 95695

We will be donating the entire amount raised to the organization. We are very much aware of current economic state. We do not require you guys for huge donations. We do not have any minimum donation amount, even if it’s just $1, we would still very much appreciate it.

After you’ve sent the donation, kindly email us at the same address above (subject: Jpad Bday Project: Dog’s Life) and provide us your name (or alias, if you would prefer) so we can list them on the site. We will not be able to issue individual tax receipts. We will only update the list of names once the donation was received.

If you also have a message for Jared about his commitment with the foundation, you may also include it in your email. We’ll be putting all the comments in one card to be sent alongside the photobook.

The fundraising activity will run until June 30, 2009.

We think we have more than enough time to make this project successful. Please feel free to post your 
questions or clarifications here. We also ask you guys to spread the word – invite your friends to donate and join the project, it’s for a great cause!2. Be sure to include a small note for Jared. You may send either a note expressing what you like most about Jared or a birthday and thank you message. We’ll use this as the texts for the photobook.
Here are also some links where in you may contact us:
2009 Bday Project | Forum | Website
Photo Book Project
Updated List 

Stephanie Layla
Bee W.
Ana Flavia
Amy H.




Diandra, Natali and Cara



Anne V



01 March 2009 @ 05:08 pm

Hi guys,

As early as today, we'd like to come up with something for Jared for his birthday in July. Let us know if you guys have any suggestions.

We did something like this before, see page here. We also did something for Season 3 before at fanforum.com here.

So if you guys have any suggestions, please let us know. Thanks. Kindly, spread the word,
22 July 2008 @ 11:29 pm
Includes: Jared Padalecki - Icons, Hugh Laurie - Icons

various Headers and Walls
(Jared Padalecki, Jared P.+ Chad Michael Murray, Jared P.+ Michael Rosenbaum, Hugh Laurie, Sleepy Hollow, Joker (The Dark Knight), Sam+Dean Winchester (possible Spoiler to 3x10 Dream a Little Dream of Me), Sam Winchester)

Preview Icons

the rest you can find HERE @ sunnychrisla 
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19 July 2008 @ 10:27 am
my humble tribute to him:

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